Chris Laney

Political Activist, PM & Marketing Strategist

Sarasota, Fl

Chris Laney

Digital Strategist & Manager of Client Experience for Active Screening. Political Activist. Chairman for the Young Professionals of Sarasota.



Human Resources Plan

This Human Resources plan was a collaborative effort of individuals team up together for our Human Resources in Management class. We were tasked with developing a complete Human Resource Plan for a company called "Motors & More, Inc." Our 52-page report includes training, retention, compensation, and forecast.
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The Importance of Technology in Operations Management

What is technology and the benefits, and disadvantages it has on the business world. The state of technology has been evolving to the point where many businesses and especially the professionals or management inside these professions would not know how to operate. There are all types of technologies that serve to enhance our operations management.
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Open Source Vs. Proprietary CMS

Over the last 15 years since the Internet boom, the development of e- commerce systems has changed through the years. In the beginning, the development of home grown systems, also known as proprietary solutions was the common process for developing an e-commerce solution the web.
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Building Automation Systems

This paper was split into different parts including different types of automation systems, hvac systems, energy management, building envelope, and security.
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Chris Laney's Mission Statement

In my Ethics, Values and Decision Making Course, I needed to create a personal mission statement that demonstrates what I want out of life both personally and professionally.
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Ethical Consideration for the Death Penality

The philosophy “eye for an eye” is commonly used to describe the reasoning for the death penalty. I believe the death penalty is one of the most controversial issues surrounding the Christian church today. I know growing up, it was hard concept to understand when a Christian would say it is perfectly okay to issue the death penalty and disregard a human’s life but fight so passionately to abolish abortion because “a human life is a human life.”
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The Balancing Act of Ethics in Politics

Headlines of the New York Times “Politician Falls to Greed” or even a little closer to home ABC7 reports “Candidate in Bed with Business Partners, City Sues.” These are made up headlines but certainly and easily could be plastered all over the media as early as tomorrow. It seems every time we turn our head there’s another report about politicians fallen to greed and power. Characteristics that have continued to be the downfall of mankind since the day Adam and Eve ate the apple.
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Chris Laney

Chris Laney is an award-winning expert in marketing, digital strategy, project management, and digital communication. Laney has worked in sales, marketing and new media for companies like Verizon Wireless, The Joy FM and Chick-Fil-A. Laney has also owned two companies including Laney Media Group, which he sold in 2009, and Shamrock Media Group where he served as a partner until 2012. Most recently, Laney served as Director of Client Experience for boostDFM Digital Agency where he managed marketing/digital strategy, project management and new client acquisition. Today, Laney serves as Client Experience Manager for Active Screening ( and where he oversees retention marketing and strategy.

Laney received his bachelor’s in Technology Management from State College of Florida where he focused on project management, leadership in technology, and graphic design. Laney is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administrative or MBA from Saint Leo University with an emphasis on e-commerce and online marketing.

On top of his duties at Active Screening, he is the “Chairman” of the Young Professionals of Sarasota and sits on the Board of Directors for the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

Laney’s forte is creating creative digital solutions to problems and managing those solutions from concept to completion. He understands technically what goes into a project to create a supreme user experience. His background in sales, marketing, project management, design and development allows him to intersect all these important elements into one strong solution.



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